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  • What is a Project Brief and Why Do I Want One?

    Michael | 09.07.2020

    One part Scope of Work. One part pre-proposal. All around fresh perspective. The Germinate Project Brief is a short overview that aims to capture the goals, business drivers, and scope of a potential idea.

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  • Kickoff Checklist: Are You Ready to Make Your App Real?

    Michael | 09.08.2020

    7 things to consider and do as you prepare to kick off a new app project.

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  • The most important UI lesson I learned from a 5 year old

    Douglas | 09.11.2020

    Interfaces fail when designers fail to anticipate the needs of the user. In this case, a young child showed me the way.

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  • A Resource We Like: SaaStr

    Douglas | 09.18.2020

    You know that feeling when you discover a tip or method or cool resource, and you have the urge to share it? We’ll use this space to offer resources that made it through the noise, stuck with us, and we think are worth sharing. Even if you already know all about it...

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