A Resource We Like: Business Made Simple University

September 25, 2020


Business Made Simple University

At Germinate we are big fans of the StoryBrand method for developing your go-to-market message (more on StoryBrand at a later date). The author, Don Miller, has followed up with a broader offering, ‘Business Made Simple University’. It is a growing collection of online courses and tools for running a busines, from branding to personal productivity to leadership.

I attended Miller’s seminar on personal productivity and have been using his daily planner tool for the over 90 days now. The simple act of reviewing my goals every morning, and taking a few minutes to write down my plan for the day makes every day more focused and productive.

Miller's productivity course integrates themes from a range of business and philosophical thinkers, including two of my favorites, Stephen Covey and Victor Frankl. In particluar, Miller cites Frankl's keys to expriencing a deep sense of meaning in life:

  1. Have a project to work on
  2. Have a redemptive perspective on suffering
  3. Have people in your life that accept you unconditionally

To me, this is powerful stuff. I've done more than my fair share of introspective work with varying levels of return. This course connected with me and has had a lasting impact on my daily productivity.

Like so many online tools and resources, the more you put into it the more you get out of it. And this particular resource requires a paid subscription. To ‘try before you buy’ I recommend signing up for the Business Made Simple University mailing list. You’ll get invites to upcoming webinars, themselves chock full of business value.