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  • Develop Your Business Like a YouTube Creator

    Douglas | 11.04.2020

    I am obsessed with YouTube lately. YouTube videos from folks I like and follow are now my go-to decompression screen time. As you think about building your business, be more like a YouTube creator and less like a Hollywood producer. Your new idea is a work in progress, getting better every time you release new material.

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  • The Case for Handwriting

    Douglas | 10.16.2020

    Working from home with school-aged children around has its share of challenges. But there’s upside, too. On occasion, something wonderful crosses my desk.

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  • The most important UI lesson I learned from a 5 year old

    Douglas | 09.11.2020

    Interfaces fail when designers fail to anticipate the needs of the user. In this case, a young child showed me the way.

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