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  • What is a Project Brief and Why Do I Want One?

    Michael | 09.07.2020

    One part Scope of Work. One part pre-proposal. All around fresh perspective. The Germinate Project Brief is a short overview that aims to capture the goals, business drivers, and scope of a potential idea.

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  • Kickoff Checklist: Are You Ready to Make Your App Real?

    Michael | 09.08.2020

    7 things to consider and do as you prepare to kick off a new app project.

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  • The most important UI lesson I learned from a 5 year old

    Douglas | 09.11.2020

    Interfaces fail when designers fail to anticipate the needs of the user. In this case, a young child showed me the way.

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  • The Case for Handwriting

    Douglas | 10.16.2020

    Working from home with school-aged children around has its share of challenges. But there’s an upside, too. On occasion, something wonderful crosses my desk.

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