As our name suggests, we’re an incubator of ideas.
Inventions, solutions, the big A-ha, often begin as the seed of an idea. Germination starts the journey that can change everything.


Originally founded in 2008, Germinate® has helped companies large and small improve the way they work by creating applications that simplify complex processes. We actually began our first internet venture in 1997. Since then we’ve helped many companies work smarter including the likes of Autodesk, Intel, Adobe, Nike, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, Aperion Audio, and many others.


Our experience in design and usability, combined with the deep technical knowledge of integrating complex business systems and data visualization, enables us to create incredibly complex applications that feel simple. After all, smart, beautiful, intelligent design is just as important as the technical brilliance behind it. It’s not enough for an application to be smart, it needs to be easy to use and apply. That’s where good design comes into play. Helping you work smarter is what we do on a daily basis.

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We’re not in the business of churning through projects and clients, and looking for the next opportunity. Our goal is to be your partner for the long-haul. We love building strong relationships with our clients and continuing to work as a team to ensure the platform or service we've built together continues to evolve, grow, and improve. We supply and manage everything from the server infrastructure that supports the application to the marketing plan that drives new users to your app. Overview video demos? Check. App store submissions? Done. Customer support mechanisms? Documentation? Live chat? Yes, yes, and yes. We could go on, but you get the idea.

We've been a trusted partner for clients both big and small for over 20 years.