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  • A Resource We Like: Business Made Simple University

    Douglas | 09.25.2020

    ‘Business Made Simple University’ is a growing collection of online courses and tools for many aspects of running a business, from branding to personal productivity to leadership. The lessons are immediately applicable to your life and business.

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  • The best career advice I’ve received, a decade later.

    Douglas | 12.11.2020

    "Ask questions." That was the piece of advice that changed the trajectory of my career. It landed well on my eager brain, and to this day it has guided my approach to business relationships.

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  • Completed Staff Work For the Win

    Douglas | 03.16.2021

    A truly completed task includes handling details that arise, and anticipates the spirit of the request of the manager handing out the task. A good manager balances clarity (does not ask you to read their mind) with flexibility (leaves room for creativity and does not micromanage). The trust is best met with a response of completed staff work.

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  • Do You Double Diamond?

    Douglas | 06.08.2021

    I am a big fan of double diamonds. The snowy steep kind, and the gnarly dirt kind. And now, the business process kind. An old friend (a ski buddy, of course) introduced me to the idea. I grokked it immediately. It gave me words and structure - context to help make sense of seeming chaos.

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