Germinating ideas...

Germinating ideas...

The Greenhouse

The Agile Art of Brushstrokes

Mariah | June 5, 2023

By embracing a hypothesis-driven perspective and an agile brushstrokes approach to product management, we can navigate the uncertainty and derisk user and business outcomes.

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  • Solving the Blank Canvas

    Douglas | January 25, 2021

    Amanda Gorman’s recitation at President Biden’s inauguration touched my heart. Her words reinvigorated me and many on the power of hope. And it got me thinking about the creative process and getting projects started.

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  • The best career advice I’ve received, a decade later.

    Douglas | December 11, 2020

    "Ask questions." That was the piece of advice that changed the trajectory of my career. It landed well on my eager brain, and to this day it has guided my approach to business relationships.

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  • Develop Your Business Like a YouTube Creator

    Douglas | November 4, 2020

    I am obsessed with YouTube lately. YouTube videos from folks I like and follow are now my go-to decompression screen time. As you think about building your business, be more like a YouTube creator and less like a Hollywood producer. Your new idea is a work in progress, getting better every time you release new material.

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  • The Case for Handwriting

    Douglas | October 16, 2020

    Working from home with school-aged children around has its share of challenges. But there’s an upside, too. On occasion, something wonderful crosses my desk.

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