A Resource We Like: SaaStr

September 18, 2020


You know that feeling when you discover a tip or method or cool resource, and you have the urge to share it? Then you think “but I haven’t really used it yet, it may not actually work”, so you hold off on sharing said tip? Then you use it, it works well, and becomes a normal part of your day. And when it occurs to you, again, to share it, you think “Well surely everyone already knows about this.” Does anyone besides me go through these mental gymnastics?

We’ll use this space to offer resources that made it through the noise, stuck with us, and we think are worth sharing. Even if you already know all about it...



Jason Lemkin is like a bodhisattva for software startups. He has reached the ‘enlightenment’ of a successful exit, and has returned to the startup world with straight talk and clear advice. The community he has built at Saastr.com has blown up and for good reason. No matter where you are on your startup journey, chances are you can learn something about the road ahead. And probably commiserate with Jason and his colleagues on some of the hard lessons already learned.

My favorite Saastr post is “What Makes a Great VP of Sales and How to Hire One.” Even if a VP hire feels eons away, it is worth a read. Like many articles on the site, it is like having a crystal ball for your startup.

Saastr also puts on events throughout the year and this year they have been all virtual. While not quite the same as in person, they have managed to get the essence into a virtual form, and as a silver lining, the online events have been (so far) free to attend.

Check it out on your way to startup enlightenment!