Case Study



Making a monumental event even more monumental

Ready to chase an eclipse?

Dr. Jeffrey Bennett, an astronomer, teacher, and award-winning author of both college textbooks and children’s books chose Germinate to bring his concept to life. About a year before the August 2017 eclipse there were a few eclipse apps on the various app stores, but none of them were very good and they certainly didn't include the depth of knowledge and educational content that Dr. Bennett wanted to bring to eclipse enthusiasts.

The application is focused on providing novices and experts alike with information and tools to most effectively view and learn about upcoming solar eclipses around the world.

Let's make it happen

We designed and built the native iOS and Android apps and managed everything from initial sketches to video overviews and finally publication on the app stores. The app was recently updated after the 2017 eclipse to include new features for upcoming eclipses worldwide into 2024.

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