Revolutionizing Investor Onboarding: Magma's Journey to Enhanced Engagement

How a wizard-based tool transformed Magma's investor experience, integrating seamlessly with DocuSign and other key platforms.
Digital Transformation
Data Vizualization
Onboarding Overdrive:

Shaping the interaction with investments

Magma created a  user-friendly, wizard-based onboarding tool, to decrease investor fall-off rates and demonstrate value from the very first interaction of joining a fund.
Magma, a quant based hedge fund with a keen eye for customer service, needed an investor onboarding process that did not suck. Most companies taking investment use the “old standby” endless paper forms, redundant info requests, and a maze of web pages.

From paper forms to the digital view

Magma understood that investor onboarding was actually part of SELLING. The investor was not truly ‘in’ until the funds were deposited and the investor could see a dashboard of their capital at work.

The problem became an opportunity for Magma to demonstrate its deep value of customer service.

Magma replaced the arcane onboarding process with a friendly, wizard-based onboarding tool that integrated with DocuSign and other essential platforms. They streamlined the onboarding experience, making it more engaging and efficient for investors.

The new onboarding tool set the stage for deeper investor engagement. The streamlined process, combined with the integration of familiar tools like DocuSign, made it easier for investors to join and stay engaged with Magma's funds.

How Germinate enhanced the experience for Smarter Finances

The Challenge

1. Paper-based forms created delays and confusion
2. Multiple disconnected systems made the process unclear
3. Errors only show up at the end of the process, leading to abandonment.

Design Principles & Insights

1. Start with the interface. Make it simple, and beautiful
2. Honor the user. Don’t waste their time. Anticipate their need
3. Hide the technology. Don’t make it weird.

The Solution

1. Secure user data gathering platform
2. Animated interface with easing and celebrations to keep the user engaged and informed
3. Seamless integration with supporting tools to keep the user on path

Better experience for
Smarter Finances

Product screenshot

The home screen needed to feel modern, data-rich, and just a little precious. The gem theme and rich colors worked with easing animation and live data to stand out from ho-hum financial apps.

"Germinate was well organized and a collaborative partner. Our shared objective was to craft a transparent and customer-centric solution for hedge-fund investors, impressing them with a seamlessly simple yet innovative and sophisticated fully digital onboarding experience and investor portal. Throughout our engagement, Germinate consistently propelled us forward, reliably adding incremental value towards achieving our goals.”

Liza Karic, Magma Chief of Staff

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Revolutionizing Investor Onboarding