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React Native, TensorFlow

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Harnessing AI-driven insight for the field salesperson is one of the hottest new startups in machine learning and artificial intelligence. They’ve grown leaps and bounds since early recognition and awards from Harvard and others. And their customers know the value well exceeds the hype- Proton’s technology is making distributors of all shapes and sizes smarter, more efficient, and more profitable.

When you are moving at the speed of light, and you need a mobile app to put your tech into the palm of your customer's hand, but your team is focused on your core product, what do you do? You need a team that can act like an extension of your own. To understand your challenges and bring more than just design and coding.

Proton turned to Germinate, and a great partnership was founded.

Germinate worked with Proton to launch an MVP version of the mobile app with connections to the core Proton code base. Customer feedback trickled in… then poured in. To meet the demand Germinate and Proton integrated their teams and began a series of rapid iterations on the app.

Once product market fit was well established, Germinate completed the hand-over of the mobile app to a prepped and proven Proton mobile team. We may be done with this project, but we keep close tabs. All we have to do is check the news to see the impact it is having on the world.

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Germinate have been invaluable partners in the development of the outside sales application. In my view what makes Germinate such a special company is their focus on delivering a usable product, not just a technical solution based on a spec. I've found that to be rare.”

/ Benj Cohen, Proton Founder & CEO

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