Case Study



Simplifying the complexity and uncertainty of personal investing

Complexity at a massive scale

When a new client approached us with his idea to build an investment portal that worked differently than any we had seen before, we got a bit excited. Ok, maybe really excited. Once we started digging into the inherent complexity of an app of this size and scope, it quickly became clear that this would need to be a phased approach over time. Not only were we building a platform with intense calculation demands that had to be perfect, we were also integrating with multiple external API's like DocuSign® and TD Ameritrade® for automated investing. Security and privacy had to be priority number one.

It was an opportunity we couldn't pass up and the project has been a technical delight. After more than a year in the making, we launched a fully functional investment platform that rivals some of the biggest multi-million dollar investment portals. With bank-level security, this application is built for speed and simplicity.


The application walks users through a series of steps and questions, offering help and insight along the way.

As you enter information, the application changes dynamically and displays the next question based on your input.


Complex concepts like risk tolerance and asset allocations are made simple enough for anyone to understand.

Once a recommendation has been made and accepted, documents are signed electronically with DocuSign and accounts are set up and funded with TD Ameritrade.


Collaboration is key

We worked closely with the Investivist founder to ensure that his vision was not only possible, but could be exceptional. We partnered with his existing brand and design firm, RAD who provided all of the design layouts and copywriting for the site.

The platform also supports a commercial portal for companies and their employees, allowing them to use the same tool to make decisions specific to their employer's investment options.

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