Case Study



BEHCA®: See Beyond Behavior®

Simple Beginnings

It all started with an idea. Back in 2013 the owner of Germinate and his office partner Torri were trying to find a better way to track data for the special needs community that she serves as a behavior consultant and advocate. In order to see the correlations between a person's environment and their behavior, she had been tracking data manually and creating graphs in Excel. But the data tracking was slow and painful, and there were huge gaps in the data when she wasn't there to track it.

Four years later, BEHCA® (Behavior Environment Health Comparative Analysis) was launched as a joint venture between Germinate and Wright Behavior: Consulting and Advocacy LLC. BEHCA is a customizable behavior tracking tool designed for parents, behavior support staff, residential care facilities, and schools to analyze the cause-and-effect relationships between behavior and the environment. It is available as a responsive web-based application with accompanying Android and (coming soon) iOS apps.


Members collect data on a daily basis related to a person’s behavior, environment, and overall health. Weather and location-specific data is collected automatically, allowing for a full spectrum of comparisons.

Members can customize the type of data they are tracking specific to the individual's behavior. No two individuals are exactly alike, so their behavior profiles shouldn't be either.


Members can invite other collaborators (teachers, providers, etc) who can also enter data throughout the day. This gives everyone a "full story" of events throughout the day, and empowers parents and caregivers to be informed participants on the care team.

Members can then review a series of data visualizations which show correlations between environmental, health, daily living variables, and behavior, making situational events and triggers of behavior more visible and tangible.


A true collaboration of skills

BEHCA is a perfect example of the power in working collaboratively with our clients. Without Torri's vast knowledge and experience of working with special needs students and young adults, and Germinate's ability to design and build an entire platform around that experience, this app would not have been possible. It is now being used by families, schools, and other residential and foster home providers, and is already providing incredible insight into the cause-and-effect relationships of our environment and what causes unwanted behaviors.

We are continually improving BEHCA and adding new features, with a long list of new functionality planned through 2020 and beyond. Torri has also published a companion book to go along with BEHCA, outlining her methodology and how to get the most out of the application. Reviews of the app have been extremely positive, and we're excited to see how it can continue improving the lives of so many people in need!

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