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Custom-built websocket for real-time collaboration, React

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Mapping out customer delight

Understand your customer, and you understand your business. The steps they take with your product, the way they go from hearing about you to trying you out to becoming a loyal customer- that's called the Customer Journey. Great companies visualize the journey, and share it widely within their company.

Autodesk tapped Germinate to create Atlas, a custom web-based mapping tool that allows anyone in the company to create a visual map of a customer journey together in real-time, just like Google Docs. Maps can be private, just for "what-if's" and team discussions, or shared widely ahead of a big event like a product launch.

Germinate collaborated with Autodesk’s User Experience Design team to design Atlas. It was an honor to work with the talented team behind the most innovative and relied-on CAD tools in the world.

Autodesk Atlas
Autodesk Atlas
Autodesk Atlas

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