Case Study


Autodesk Atlas

A custom-built journey mapping tool with real-time collaboration for teams

Building a better way to work collaboratively

Autodesk is an incredibly innovative and collaborative company, with a global network of over 8,000 employees. While they have extensive support for video conferencing, it simply doesn't cut it when you are working as a team to map out a customer's journey on a wall. What they needed was a tool that could allow them to work online in real-time, analysing a customer's journey while they were thousands of miles apart.

We worked with the User Experience Design team to build Atlas - an interactive web-based Customer Experience Journey Mapping tool. Teams can now work simultaneously to quickly create maps with simple drag-and-drop tools that can be annotated, shared, and published on a company-wide network. Best of all, the tool is now available to the general public and can be used by anyone in the field.

Autodesk Atlas

Anyone can create a map and set it's permissions to be open for all to see, or private and not shared. Authors can then invite additional collaborators to join them and begin building a map, uploading screenshots, content, and data to be visualized by graphs and charts.

As authors work, the app automatically saves different versions of the map so users can go back and revert to a previous copy at any time.

Autodesk Atlas
Autodesk Atlas

Slide-out panels provide additional tools for versioning, inviting new collaborators (authors) and viewers (read-only), and prioritization of elements on the map.

Once complete, the map can be shared and viewed in "presentation mode" where each column and it's details are displayed individually. Maps can also be exported as PDF's to be shared or printed outside of the Atlas app.

Autodesk Atlas

Are we having fun yet?

Working with the User Experience Design team on this project was a tremendous amount of fun. Best of all, there are new features planned for 2018 that we will be helping with as well. The app works as a single-page React application which is built on top of a custom API that we built to service the front-end app, which means the infrastructure that supports it is extremely flexible and leaves us unlimited options for additional interoperability with other products in the future.

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