Case Study


ORM Learning Center

Reducing cost and improving efficiency by building a custom tool for patients

Creating a better way

The vast majority of our projects begin with the phrase "there must be a better way to do this." ORM Fertility came to us to help them simplify a costly and time-consuming process. Each year, they were spending in excess of $30,000 just in printing costs alone to create packets of information that were handed off to their patients when starting treatment. The packets consisted of a custom array of articles that were assembled by hand based on the type of treatment, translated into 5 different languages. The process of assembling these info packets by hand consumed hundreds of hours every year, and they still did not know if clients were actually reading the content they had been given or not.

Together we strategized and designed the ORM Fertility Learning Center, which enables patients to review the learning materials they have been assigned online with a computer or tablet. Staff members can then track their progress and offer assistance every step of the way.

ORM Learning Center

Patients and their partners can now view all of their patient material online, and staff members of ORM can follow along on their progress.

Administrators can add new staff members, associate patients to staff members, and create new articles and packets.

ORM Learning Center
ORM Learning Center

Staff members can log in and follow along on the progress of their patients.

Articles, in any one of 5 languages, can be dragged and dropped into their proper order by topic.

ORM Learning Center

Breathing a sigh of relief

Now that the Learning Center has launched, ORM Fertility is finding even more efficiencies in how they interact with their patients. Email reminders are sent automatically based on treatment start dates to keep the timing of what they are reading relevant. Staff members know who is reading what articles, and can follow their progress via their individual dashboards. If an article needs to be updated, the process is as simple as logging in to update that particular article instead of sending new files off to the printer.

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