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Autodesk Total Experience

Custom Business Intelligence Reporting for enterprise teams

Making “big data” accessible to many

Autodesk Total Experience is a custom business intellegence platform built as a collaboration between Germinate and Autodesk. We worked with the Autodesk Usability team for over 2 years to build an application that vastly improved communication from the development and usability teams to the upper management that needed to gauge and manage the success of their products, which allows the teams to carefully plan their next steps and decisions. The application aggregates data from several different sources, compiling it into charts and graphs that provide deeper insights for every level of the product teams.

Autodesk Total Experience

Various product dashboards display a roll-up of data from multiple sources with interactive tools to dig deeper into the data or export raw data for further analysis.

Dashboards display product usage analytics, usability test scores, social media insights, customer satisfaction scores, and much, MUCH more.

Autodesk Total Experience
Autodesk Total Experience

Usability tests can be created in a variety of ways, from entering raw data from external testing, to using the platform itself as the mechanism for data collection with customer surveys.

A vast trove of learning and support documentation is available on the platform for new users to learn how to interact with the tool and gain new insights.

Autodesk Total Experience

It doesn't end there

There are many parts of this application that we simply cannot share, which is a shame as it has grown into an extremely robust platform of it's own. Various teams and executives continue to gather new insights and share data with each other via integrated sharing mechanisms built into the application. The flexible API allows for future integrations with other tools that haven't even been adopted yet.

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